About Us

Hello! Firstly, thank you for visiting our store. I sincerely hope that we will be able to offer some help or entertainment in one way or another, even if you didn’t find anything suitable to purchase.

I am a mother of two boys, born in 2019 and 2021, and I am their primary caregiver. When it comes to my children, I have to admit that I am very particular about what I get for them- be it for play, for mealtimes or for sleep. There are just an overwhelming array of choices and variety out there and I am one that nitpicks and tries to filter the good products from those with gimmicks.

This store was born after much deliberation, and the discovery of the amazing products that my husband, children and I truly believe in. We promise you will not be overwhelmed with too much choice here, and we genuinely hope that what we have worked to offer here will benefit you and your family well, as it has with ours too!

I discovered the Chameleon Reader when I was searching for something that could encourage my son to learn Mandarin with joy and I was completely sold. It just had so much potential and value to offer my son and me! The seed was then planted and day by day it blossomed into a deep rooted desire to be able to offer them to everyone here, and to help children find (even more) fun in learning activities! I introduced my boy since he was about 11 months old, under CLOSE supervision. He uses it every single day- with the books that my husband and I recorded for him, or playing songs on the DIY book that I made for him. I also foresee the Chameleon Reader growing with him for a long time to come. 

So here I am, hoping you see the value of the Chameleon Reader too for our children, and the books that I have carefully curated. Furthermore, I really wanted to offer books at a more affordable price. You never know when a little one is going to be interested in a previously read book again. As I was searching and shortlisting the titles, I realised how lovely and heart-warming children’s books are. Beautiful and absolutely adorable illustrations coupled with witty rhyming lines that teaches a child so much. What marvels.

I appreciate your time reading this and feel free to hit “contact us” if you have any queries, particular titles that you are finding or if you require more information about the books that we offer here. <3

With love,