Chameleon Reader



The Chameleon Reader records your voice, works as a speaker, scans the stickers and stores mp3s of songs tracks if you wish! Loads of sophisticated mechanics behind a simple, easy to use and convenient tool, both for parent and child.  


A user-friendly kit for parents and teachers to enhance any literary material you already have. You can also add MP3 files from your computer. Compile all your recordings into a playlist of tracks to capture the whole book!


Play on the go!

Portable media player for children to access to music and stories anytime, anywhere. 

What's inside the Chameleon Reader Box 

You will find:

Chameleon Reader x 1
16GB SD card x 1 (inserted in pen)
Audio Stickers x 5000+
Controls Bookmark x 7
My Library Card x 1 set
My Music Card x 1 set
Card Album x 1
USB Cable x 1
User Guide (English, German, French & Chinese) x 1


Storage: 16 GB (record 148 hours*) Battery: USB rechargeable lithium-polymer battery (charger output power rating DC 5V) Play time: Play 3 hrs continuously* Supported audio format: MP3, WAV Ambient temperature: -10 to 40 ° C Dimensions (L x W x H): 140 x 30 x 25 mm  *Depends on user scenarios.


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 The Chameleon Reader is born in Taiwan. When a magical collaboration between a senior language therapist, Zhong-Jie Jiang and a mother, Joie, who gave up her job as a user experience researcher in a tech company to care for her new-born. Chameleon Reader is the brainchild of Joie, out of her love for her son and intention to bring him up in English and Mandarin after her family moved to The Netherlands.
Joie was aware of the many learning pens available for multi-lingual children, but she decided to take it a step further with the Chameleon Reader. Hence, she created it to work with all books and with the ultimate room for creativity in the user application. The Chameleon Reader was subsequently formed. Behind its intuitive and ease of use façade is the foundation of an intricate and sophisticated brainwork. It all came to fruition in 2018 when it was first ever launched in Taiwan, where it is manufactured and later in Europe in 2019. Mighty Little Wonders is proud and excited to partner Joie to bring the Chameleon Reader to the shores in Singapore. We sincerely hope this product can spark the joy of learning in your children and create precious memories for your family.