Chameleon Reader FAQs


Chameleon Pen:

1. How many books can it record?

It records as much as a 16GB micro SD card can hold of audio tracks! (Which is a lot!!)

2. Can the pen support a card with bigger memory?

Yes, it can support up to 32GB.

3. It works with any book?

It absolutely does! Not just books but anything you can think of! Just so long as the sticker sticks. 😉

4. Does it come with warranty?

It comes with one year limited warranty.

5. Why did all my recordings disappear?

If you recorded only one version and under a colour other than Green, that’s why! Green is the default colour. If you had made your recording under Yellow, and nothing in Green, the pen will not read anything if you scan the single coloured Chameleon after turning it on again. Remember to always record under Green if you are recording only one version

6. Why does my transferred file from the computer not work?

The file has to be in mp3 file format.


1. Are the stickers reusable?

It is not advisable to reuse the stickers. The stickers were actually made to be a little stronger after some feedback from the first customers. However, there are 5000+ stickers in the set and that lasts quite awhile!

2. Can you record over a sticker?

You can record over an existing recording over and over again as many times as you like. Just repeat the very simple steps.

3. Is it easy for a child to record over a sticker by accident?

No, it won’t be possible if they are not in possession of the bookmark.

4. What is the maximum length of recording per sticker?

There is no limit other than the 16GB memory space!

5. What if we run out of stickers?

Additional stickers are in the works for future purchase. The creator has used her set for 2 years and only went through slightly over half of the sticker pack with still lots of memory space left in the SD card!

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