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As with all baby carriers to ensure safety in baby wearing, always follow the "TICKS" rule. It is a set of rules by the UK Sling Consortium to assist parents and caregivers to babywear safely. It stands for:


Baby should be worn tight close to you. Looseness would cause baby to slump and hard for them to breathe, and also cause strain on your back.
In view at all times
You should be able to see your baby's face at all times and not having to move fabric to see it.
Close enough to kiss
Baby's head should be close enough for you to kiss easily.
Keep chin off chest
Baby should not be in a position where his chin is to his chest. Always ensure you can fit at least one finger between his chin and chest.
Supported back
Your baby's back should be in its natural position and not bent. If you gently press against your baby's back, he/she shouldn't uncurl or move closer to you.